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ATBC International College (Ayeyarwady Technology & Business College)

ATBC means “Ayeyarwady Technology & Business College”.

ATBC International College is a training school that teaches and shares the necessary knowledge & skills for everyone who wants to be an entrepreneur throughout the country. Business entrepreneurs who are leading organizations, people who lead administrators and students. It is an institute for young people.

ATBC International College was opened in Yangon in 2019.

ATBC International College has experienced teachers who are dedicated to teaching.

ATBC International College (ATBC) is an international educational institution. ATBC offers diploma courses with international teaching methods and short-term professional certificate courses that can be used practically in the workplace at low tuition fees.

ATBC International College is constantly striving for the development of businesses and organizations that are the main needs of Myanmar.

Our Vision

  • To become a qualified business school based on high quality education and an improved learning environment.

Our Mission

  • To use quality educational services to produce highly qualified business leaders of the future and to implement world-class business strategies.

Our Core Values

  • Learning, Innovation, Leadership, Honesty, Satisfaction

In Collaboration with La Xenia International Institute of Switzerland (La Xenia) …

We offer La Xenia Global Pathway programs, our local teachers teach La Xenia curriculum at our local learning center.

La Xenia Curriculum – Taught by Local Teachers

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – Top-Up
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

In the News …

Mr. Martin Nielsen, La Xenia CEO and Ms. Anna Phan, La Xenia Registrar visited ATBC International College in May 2023. Mr. Martin Nielsen expressed his gratitude to the administration of ATBC on providing high quality education to students enrolled in La Xenia study programs. Ms. Anna Phan, La Xenia Registrar conducted an annual audit of the admissions, registrar and academic departments at ABTC International College.

ATBC 2023
ATBC 2023
ATBC 2023
ATBC 2023
ATBC 2023

No. 28, Yadanar Theinkha Street

Sanchaung Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar

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