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The Institute of Management Consultants Myanmar (IMCM)



The Institute of Management Consultants Myanmar Co., Ltd. (IMCM) is the country representative of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) and is granted to organize the Certified Management Consultant Program in Myanmar.

IMCI provides Certified Management Consultant (CMC) assessment, educational services for training programs in the different areas for open entry and tailor-made, human resource (HR) system development and organizational development (OD), Professional Diploma, MBA and PhD programs.

Our Vision

  • Enhance development for the nation & the people of Myanmar

  • Building a professional platform for consultants and clients to help develop Myanmar economy and education

Our Mission

  • For People and Environment:  To facilitate eco-social development and benefits for rural people

  • For Clients:  To provide a platform for consulting services for public and private organizations

In Collaboration with La Xenia International Institute of Switzerland (La Xenia) …

We offer La Xenia Validated programs, our local teachers teach La Xenia validated curriculum at our local learning center.

Our Curriculum Validated by La Xenia – Taught by Local Teachers

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) – General – Validated by La Xenia

In the News …

La Xenia International Institute of Switzerland (LA XENIA) Administration Visited IMCM College (IMCM) in Myanmar

Mr. Martin Nielsen, CEO of LA XENIA expressed his gratitude of the great work IMCM College was doing in providing high quality education for all students enrolled in LA XENIA programs. Ms. Anna Phan, Registrar of LA XENIA conducted a QA audit of the admissions, registrars and academic departments.

May 2023

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IMCM 2023
IMCM 2023
IMCM 2023

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