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About La Xenia

Who is La Xenia?

Who is La Xenia?

The Meaning of “Xenia”

According to the ancient Greek belief, ‘Xenia’ means hospitality, a concept of guest-friendship.  Historically, it was understood as a moral obligation of hospitality towards foreigners and guests. The word is derived from xenos‘ meaning ‘stranger‘.  The Greek god Zeus is sometimes called ‘Zeus Xenios’, a protector of strangers and he personified the moral obligation to be hospitable to foreigners and guests.

Xenia encompasses two basic concepts:

  • Respect from host to guest – the host must be hospitable to the guest 
  • Respect from guest to host – the guest must be courteous to the host and not be a burden

Today, in the hospitality world it’s not just all about 5 star hotels or super resorts but hospitality concepts like Agoda Home or Airbnb, where the HOME is the focus with professional customer service.

La Xenia combines the concepts of Greek hospitality with Swiss professionalism to create educational programmes that develop home- to 5 star- style customer service professionals.


La Xenia's Mission

To deliver high quality practical hospitality and business education for international students at affordable fees.

La Xenia's Vision

To be one of the top twenty ranked hospitality institutes in Switzerland by 2035.