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Quality Assurance & Development

Quality Assurance

La Xenia is focused on quality assurance via continuous improvement and development.

We developed and continuously follow the academic quality management framework to strive for utmost transparency in the overall conditions of study and to lay the foundation for quality assurance and development of courses.

The quality assurance activities are described in the table below:

La Xenia International Institute of Switzerland employs the PDCA framework for continuous improvement as an educational institution. The process begins with the Planning phase, where objectives and processes are identified to meet stakeholder requirements and align with La Xenia’s policies. The Management Team sets goals, assesses potential risks, and develops strategies. Once the plan is established, La Xenia moves into the Do phase, where resources are mobilized, processes are activated, and everyone is engaged in executing the plan. During the Check phase, the Management Team monitors and evaluates results against the objectives set in the planning phase, tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure progress. Based on the insights gained during the Check phase, the management team moves into the Act phase, making necessary adjustments and improvements to the processes. This phase focuses on learning from experience and driving continuous improvement.