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Bachelor of International Hospitality & Tourism Management






La Xenia Campus


3- or 4-Years includes:
Academic Study
20 weeks/year
20-24 weeks/year


Onsite or


100%  in English
Entry Requirements
Career Opportunities

Bachelor of International Hospitality & Tourism Management

The Bachelor of International Hospitality & Tourism Management programme provides students with advanced knowledge of the tourism and hospitality industry and its trade secrets. Students will study the techniques of the Swiss hospitality and tourism management, as they focus on how they can become self-employed in the tourism and hospitality sector as well as how they can become a middle-level manager in the tourism and hospitality sector.

This programme is La Xenia’s ultimate undergraduate level award and has been extensively designed to provide all of the learning provided by a Swiss bachelor’s degree programme in hospitality and tourism combined with a comprehensive internship where the student’s skills can be tested in practice.

Next Application Deadline: 

  • International Students:  22 July 2022
  • EU/Swiss Students:  19 August 2022

Classes begin: 5 September 2022

Entry Requirements

  • A minimum age of 17 at enrollment.
  • Completed full time high school education.
  • All applicants without English as a first language must show competence in English at a level equal to IELTS 5.5 minimum. Or prior study in English language.
  • La Xenia can provide a set of placement tests where necessary to assess a student’s English level.

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor in International Hospitality & Tourism Management will enable students to apply for jobs in hospitality and tourism organisations around the globle.

Here is a sample of career opportunities in today’s hospitality and tourism world for graduates who are specialized in International Hospitality & Tourism Management:

  • resort management
  • hotel management
  • sales and marketing management
  • tour operator / manager
  • travel agency manager
  • corporate travel manager
  • restaurant management
  • room division management
  • event planner
  • conferences, meeting and convention organizers, and many more.


La Xenia Campus

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Bachelor of International Hospitality and Tourism Management

(Single Degree)

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Bachelor Level

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* The accommodation fee may vary. Based on the room type. All room options are subject to availability.

For further details regarding fees, please visit Tuition & Fees.

Why Study the Bachelor in International Hospitality & Tourism Management at La Xenia?

The Bachelor in International Hospitality & Tourism Management provides students with:

  • a qualification in international hospitality and tourism management, covering all the key management skills required for a management career in the sector
  • a mixture of theoretical knowledge with practical experience, guided self-study and internship
  • a chance to learn the Swiss art of hospitality management
  • practical training in a live working environment with real customers
  • 4- to 6- months of internship
  • the new trends of urban/city hospitality and tourism management
  • qualified international lecturers with many years of experience in the field of tourism and hospitality management
  • local and national field visits
  • guest speakers from the hospitality and tourism industry
Bachelor in International Hospitality & Tourism Management

Programme Structure

Students must successfully complete: 21 core courses, 10 optional courses and 3 full-time internships

Credits: 180 ECTS

Year 1

Core Courses

Finance in Tourism and Hospitality

Customer Service Management in Tourism and Hospitality

Global Tourism and Hospitality

Rooms Division Operations

Rooms Division Supervision

Food and Beverage Operations

Food and Beverage Supervision

Professional Practical Training 1

Practical Training Internship

Year 2

Core Courses

Understanding Funding and Finance in Tourism and Hospitality

Human Resource Management in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Strategic Marketing in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Customer Relationship Management in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Contemporary Issues in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Food and Beverage Management

Facilities Management in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Professional Practical Training 2

Practical Training Internship

Year 3

Core Courses

The Strategic Impact of the Business Environment

Business Strategy for Hospitality and Tourism

Managing Events for Hospitality and Tourism

Quality Management for Hospitality and Tourism

Professional Practical Training 3

Practical Training Internship

Note:  The courses listed above for this programme are regularly reviewed to ensure they are up-to-date and meet industry needs as well as the latest teaching methods. On occasion, we may need to make unexpected changes to the courses – if this occurs, we will contact all registered students as soon as possible.

Year 1

Optional Courses

Travel and Tourism Operations

Travel and Tourism Supervision

Travel Geography

Destination Analysis

Wine and Bar

Developing Employability for Hospitality

Professional Development Skills

English/German Communication 1

Year 2

Optional Courses

Tour Operations Management

Sustainable Tourism and Destination Development

International Issues in Tourism and Hospitality

Legal Aspects for Hospitality and Tourism

Service Quality Management


Fundamentals of Management

English/German Communication 2

Year 3

Optional Courses

Entrepreneurship Management in Hospitality and Tourism

Sustainable Operations in Hospitality and Tourism

Innovation and Creativity Management in Hospitality and Tourism

Revenue and Profit Management

International Hospitality Management

Digital Technologies in Hospitality and Tourism Sector

Leadership and Management for the Service Sector

International Tourism and Hospitality Management Major Project

Please Note: 

  • The optional courses are decided by La Xenia academic management based on industry needs and student enrollment. 
  • The language courses are mandatory for students who do not possess the minimum score of a B2 level in English and A2 in German.
  • The optional courses in Year 1:  Travel and Tourism Operations, Travel and Tourism Supervision, Travel Geography and Destination Analysis are offered as an additional diploma from CTH for an additional fee of CHF 3,000.

Year 4 (Additional UK Bachelor degree)

Upon completion of 3 years of study with La Xenia, students have an option to complete a UK degree with an additional fee and 6 months to 1-year of additional studies.

Bachelor in International Hospitality & Tourism Management