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Our Motto

“Win the World with

World Class TALENT.”

Talent Highway was established in 2007 as Management Training Institute in Yangon

Shwe U Yin as Basic Higher Education Training Centre since 1998 at Hmawbi

Currently 8 staff members are available to assist you with your training needs.

The students are typically mid-career executives pursuing marketing and management diploma programs from London Examination Board, UK and Institute of Commercial Management, ICM, UK.

The institute has over 18000 regular students at functional level currently enrolled at TALENT HIGHWAY, over 150 diploma students and 80 master of business administration in human resources management in European Global School.

70 % of the students are mid-career executives and 30 % of fresh university graduates.

The Institute is also an accredited study center for EGS Business qualifications.

While TALENT HIGHWAY has been more and more reputable within the context of business management programs in lower Myanmar, most of the success in finding students comes from word-of-mouth recommendations of the graduates. Last year, in 2017, we achieved over 210 % growth in student numbers.


TALENT HIGHWAY … believes that there will be talent shortage in the global business environment concerned with the management problems and innovative results in the present and future. Human resources and capacity development in all business organizations will be essential to accomplish competitive advantages over their competitors and leads to effectiveness to the greatness.

Our Vision

  • TALENT HIGHWAY is dedicated to being ultimate sources of knowledge and training for understanding, meeting, and exceeding customer expectations through the application of management principles and to support talent workers to business organizations to attain competitive advantages in targeted markets & to be internationally top-ranking centers of excellence in the teaching and research of management subjects.

Our Mission

  • To contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence.
  • To adopt strategic approaches that deliver a sustainable competitive edge in the globalized marketplace.
  • To improve capacity development in all organizations and their workers through systematic and pragmatic training workshops and problem-solving skills.
  • To increase employment rate and quality of work life of workers to sustainable development in our country.

Our Core Values

  • freedom of thought and expression
  • freedom from discrimination
  • freedom from management mistakes
  • freedom for competitive advantages

Talent Highway Education

  • an extensive range of academic management subjects in all major subject groups
  • quality and depth of provision across all subjects
  • the close inter-relationship between teaching, practical reality world, and research
  • education which enhances the ability of students to learn throughout life
  • updated 8000 management books in library

Our Goals

  • To increase earning of wages in individual workers yearly uplifting their knowledge and skills
  • To help every organizations solve problems and conflicts internally and externally
  • To consult and counsel the applicants or workers about management principles required and respect their dignity and worth of individual work life
  • To encourage individuals to be competitive, initiative and innovative in their micro and macro business environment in the long run
  • To increase cooperation and partnering customer companies for their long-term profit and sustainable development in the competitive markets


Over 300 Corporate Training and Workshops in Over 160 Domestic and International Companies.

Our Students

  • Over 18000 Regular Students
  • Over 150 Diploma Students
  • Over 60 MBA in HRM Students in European Global School
  • Over 20 MBA in Management Students in European Global School

Alliance Organizations

  • London Examinations Board
  • European Global School, PARIS
  • PMI Asia Certified EDU PIE
  • ICM, UK

In Collaboration with La Xenia International Institute of Switzerland (La Xenia) …

We offer La Xenia Validated programs, our local teachers teach La Xenia validated curriculum at our local learning center.

Our Curriculum Validated by La Xenia – Taught by Local Teachers

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Human Resource Management (HRM) – Validated by La Xenia
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Management– Validated by La Xenia

In the News …

La Xenia International Institute of Switzerland (LA XENIA) Administration Visits Talent Highway Management Institute (THMI) in Myanmar

Mr. Martin Nielsen, LA XENIA CEO and Ms. Anna Phan, LA XENIA Registrar visited Talent Highway Management Institute (THMI) in May 2023. Mr. Martin Nielsen expressed his gratitude to the administration of THMI on providing high quality education to students enrolled in LA XENIA study programs. Ms. Anna Phan, LA XENIA Registrar conducted an annual audit of the admissions, registrar and academic departments at THMI.

THMI 2023
THMI 2023

No. 5/5B, U Htun Lin Chan St, Hledan

Near Hledan Centre, Kamayut Township


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