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About La Xenia

Why La Xenia?

Why La Xenia?

Simply Because We Care

We, at La Xenia, care about every little detail in the educational journey of our students! We cater to all our students’ needs, we provide sound educational advice and we accompany our students throughout their entire educational journey until they become the stars they aspire to be. 

Our students can explore the world while studying with us. La Xenia has built an international network of educational partnerships in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia, creating international opportunities and allowing students to study anywhere, at any level desired.

La Xenia's Philosophy

La Xenia’s philosophy is based on hands-on, real-life and practical experience throughout the student’s educational journey. La Xenia is one of the very few Swiss institutions that give students the opportunity to practice their skills with real customers in a real hotel and restaurant environment.

La Xenia's Principle

At La Xenia, we believe that education and learning should be enjoyable and fulfilling. Students learn theory and then apply the knowledge they have gained in a practical learning environment.

Key to Our Success

At La Xenia, we hire energetic and experienced faculty to create a practical and enjoyable learning experience instead of the traditional exam based learning environment.

Come and Experience La Xenia!

Hospitality Programme Internships

Our hospitality programmes include active learning internships.  These internships can be globally organized, at one of La Xenia’s hospitality partners in such hospitality hotspots as Spain, Greece, France, Germany, Australia, USA, UK, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand … or right here in Switzerland.

Intercontinental Curriculum

The education world is changing!

To only have a Swiss degree in itself might not guarantee you the future job you want.

As the first Swiss private institution to develop an intercontinental curriculum La Xenia gives students an option to receive 3 degrees at the same time at the Bachelor and Master levels.

La Xenia’s programmes are based on a blend of Swiss and UK curriculum and include options for a Malaysian and US degree as a top-up option for several of our programmes.

Experience a Caring Environment at a Modern Campus in a Charming City

La Xenia’s new campus will be ready to welcome students in Summer 2023.