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Prospective Students

Credit Transfer Policy & Procedure

Credit Transfer Process

In determining the appropriateness of credit for work completed outside the institution, La Xenia requires the student seeking academic credit provide the following documentation for review:

  • An official transcript evidencing successful completion of the course or degree programme for which recognition is sought;
  • A copy of program catalog or course syllabus, if requested;
  • A formal request stating the programme or course for which recognition is requested, directed to the Admission team.

Review and approval of the materials presented will be conducted by the Registrar or Academic Dean and the student will be advised formally if credit is accepted toward the course or programme of enrollment at La Xenia.

The process may take from 10 – 12 working days.

Criteria for Transfer Decisions

La Xenia decisions regarding the award of transfer credit will be based on an evaluation that the applicant is qualified to successfully engage in La Xenia’s curriculum and benefit from its educational purposes and programmes.

Framework for this decision will consider:

  • Comparability and Applicability: Credit transfer decisions will be informed by comparability of the nature, content, quality, and level of transfer credit, and the appropriateness and applicability of the credit earned. This assessment will be based on review of catalogs, course syllabus, and other materials, and from direct contact between knowledgeable, experienced faculty and staff at both the receiving and sending institutions.
  • Balance in the Use of Accreditation Status in Transfer Decisions: Accreditation status is one factor that La Xenia will consider. La Xenia will critically evaluate the credits earned by unaccredited institutions or programmes and determine if the quality of the unaccredited institution or programme will satisfy La Xenia expectations.
  • Consistency: La Xenia will apply its policies and practices consistently.
  • Accountability for Effective Public Communication: La Xenia will make its policy on credit transfer publicly accessible to promote fairness, equity, and consistency in its practice.
  • Commitment to Address Innovation: La Xenia policies and practices will demonstrate flexibility and openness to innovative institutions and programmes, while not compromising quality expectations.
  • Applicability of Credit for Degree Purposes: La Xenia credit transfer decisions will be based on a fair determination of the applicability of credit hours at the sending institution to the La Xenia programmes of instruction.The above criteria will guide policies and practices that are mindful of the interests of the student; respecting that life circumstances may prompt students to transfer, while recognizing La Xenia’s emphasis on educational excellence and student success.

Supplemental Components on Transfer Credit

Coursework proposed for award of academic credit toward an educational programme at La Xenia must be comparable to coursework identified in the program of study, or to satisfy prerequisites established for the purpose of qualifying for admission. The course(s) must:

  • Be comparable to specific identified coursework, as established through review of course outlines, syllabi, or catalog description from the institution awarding credit, or as evaluated and confirmed by the Academic Dean and/or Registrar.
  • Be at the same level of instruction (certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, bachelor, or graduate) as the course for which it will substitute.
  • Have been completed within a time period that assures the course competencies and outcomes are timely and consistent with current practices of La Xenia and the programme for which credit sought.
  • Have received academic credit at the awarding institution – no credit is allowed for developmental or remedial coursework, as established by the course numbering system of the awarding institution.
  • Be completed with a minimum grade of passed.

No award of credit will exceed the credit value (semester or quarter) granted by the awarding institution, and credit for course completion cannot be recognized if the credit value is less than that required by La Xenia.

No distinction will be made based on instructional modality, if the course description, objectives, and student learning outcomes are comparable.